Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Watch russian movies live streaming is a US-based company oriented for Russian-speaking audience all around the world.More than 70 Russian TV and Radio channels streaming live on your computer or tv Plus a free archive of all channels for the past 3 weeks.

You can select from Sports channels, News channels, Movie channels, Documentary channels and Kids channels but to name a few.Full archive of all that was broadcast over the past 3 weeks.All movies, TV shows, soap operas are in one place!.
Also broadcast of 9 channels Ukrainian television excellence plus archive for 3 weeks.. This Russian TV service is not free but its a great source for russian tv and movies.

How to subscribe ?
Register to  with your desired login and password.Fill the billing information and your registration is complete.

Payment methods
Credit Cards Debit Cards and paypal are accepted at this point of time.

Watch streaming live on TV.
If your video card has S-Video output, you can connect the S-Video cable to your TV, audio output of the computer to the audio input on your TV and enjoy the show sitting on a sofa.

2days free service
If within 2 days you choose to refuse the services, they will  fully refund the full cost of the subscription.

If you are learning Russian and want to learn about its culture,then i would really recommend you to subscribe to this service.

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