Thursday, 19 August 2010

Template pet for dog lovers orange color

This is a layout theme, for those who enjoy pets.Template Pet has a column on the right, three blocks at the bottom and a space to insert images in accordance with the subject of the blog.Fonts and colors 100% customizable.

Template Pet - orange red color

  • Customizable colors and fonts
  • Compatible with any browser that is properly updated.
  • Template theme 
  • One column to the right 
  • Three blocks in the footer 
  • Name your blog's footer (self) 
  • Optimized CSS 
  • Several hacks installed 
Hacks Installed :
  • Related Posts 
  • Withdrawal of Navbar
  • Jump break and hack read more 
  • Customizing the navigation icons 
  • FaviconAvatar in the comments 
  • Block quotations 
  • CustomButton for social networks 

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