Saturday, 28 August 2010

SHELL-O-LICIOUS DESTINATIONS: Seashell Temple in Taipei, Taiwan

This amazing Seashell encrusted temple can be found in Sanzhi township (Northern) Taipei County in Taiwan. Not much information is available (at least in English) in regards to the actual history of this elaborate structure. I have also discovered quite a bit of inaccurate information floating around in cyberspace about the Seashell temple. If anyone has any accurate information to add, feel free to post. Below are some very beautiful still photos of the temple, most taken by Miakey Chen. The last photo in this series of photos was taken by an unidentified tourist:

Below is another great video of the Seashell Temple featuring International TV personality and linguist master, Stuart Jay Raj. Only thing - the video is not in English and has no English subtitles.

Post Sources, links and additional info about the Seashell Temple that appear to be accurate:

Video in English about the Seashell temple:

If you speak Chinese, visit the Sanchih local site for more info about the Seashell Temple:

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