Monday, 16 August 2010

Auto generated meta tags description for blogger using python

Auto Generate Meta tags and Description for Blogger or Blogspot script written in python Sebastian Noack has written a very good script to auto-generate meta tags and description for Blogger or Blogspot.Previously we have seen how to add meta tags for each individual post and this script does that manually.

This generates the meta tags based on the feed of your blog and updates the html template at Blogger. It generates meta tags for the following pages.

The hompage
  • with the blog description 
  • with the most used tags in the blog as keywords 
The page of each post
  • with the first paragraph of the post as description 
  • with the tags of the post as keywords 

Unfortunately,it’s written in python language which is a bit complicated for Windows user(like me)who are not familiar with Linux operating system.

What we expect
He definitely have done a great job in creating this hack. it's however quite a challenge for ordinary blogger to understand.Blogspot user needs only to copy/paste the script into the Blogger template without any need to run a complicated python script.

See Screenshot from no-ack blog post -
Code to switch the meta tags, generated and inserted into the template by the script

Page of a post with corresponding meta tags

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