Saturday, 7 August 2010


Known by its strong knobby shoulders and pronounced chocolate colored groves, the spectacular
Latirus Belcheri (Reeve, 1847) is truly a sight to see. This beautiful and hard to find species of sea snail is found in the Philippines.

Latirus Belcheri are considered marine gastropods and are in the Fasciolariidae family (common name: spindle and/or tulip snails). The size of them can range any where from a little over 1 inch to about 3.5 inches in length (or 30 -90 mm).

I was very lucky to obtain these 3 very rare and beautiful specimens - 2 of which I am incorporating into a large shell art photo frame. Enjoy the eye candy! I will be posting more "Beautiful Seashell" posts in the near future.

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