Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Tiny facebook widget [add as a gadget]

Tiny Facebook Widget .
Facebook, the most popular social networking site NOW on your blog! So, you and your blog readers can immediately access facebook from your blog  Login, update status, Imagine, everyone can log in, update status, read your inbox, create messages, etc. from your blog!  This widget will certainly make visitors stay longer at your blog.
Original post by-katim

How to Get One For Your Blog?
1.Login to your dashboard.
2.Layout->page elements
3.Add a gadget choose HTML/javascript
4.Paste the below code in the window and click save

<script src=http://script.eksperimen.com/tinyfacebook.php></script>

Height and width can be changed by specifing length and bredth with link.
Length : lebar=400
Bredth : tinggi=900

<script src=http://script.eksperimen.com/tinyfacebook.php?tinggi=900&lebar=400></script>

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