Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Best Places To get Free Header For Your Blog(Best on Web)

Lets began without Wasting any time-

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This post presents the results of the contest — 45 beautiful blog header designs you can use for free. Below the designers have described their themes, intentions and shown us some examples of how header graphics can be used.



Theme Headers provides a free service for bloggers and webmasters seeking to personalise their 'out of a box' templates. All our headers are free to alter, so that you can make them individual and match closely to your site.




Web page graphics can be used to dress up an otherwise plain web page. Text is fine but a graphic can visually get across the theme of your website. Graphics can be stock images, vector illustrations or glitter graphics. All of the graphic images below are free to use on your own personal website. These free graphics are sized at 700x150 pixels in width. Enjoy!


This guy design free header for your blog just write to him about dimensions of header and other details.see his (post) and contact him (here)


Website headers and banners. Free website header templates and banner templates and blog headers. Free to download 


These are among the best places to find the header images..

If u know more please share.!!

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