Monday, 23 November 2009

Stepbystep :Using Disqus to blogger-tutorial

This Tutorial will show you how to add disqus comment system ho highly customizes blogger template.
Here is a step by step procedure :


2.Click on      Sign Up,Free

3.Fill The details on the Sign up page.(click on the image to enlarge) and Click on Continue

 4.Fill the settings Page(You can skip this step and change your settings later.)

5.Click   Continue

6.Choose youe blogging platform

Since this is a blogger tutorial we,will go with blogger .Click on blogger in new Tab
Login to  your blogger dashboard.
Layout >> Edit HTML>> Download Full template

8.Revert back to Disqus tab.
CLICK on Choose file .
A new window will  open Chosse the select xml file which you have downloaded in step 7.
If u want to import previous comments from blogger Click on 2nd check this
Use Disqus Comments on all blog entries. Any existing comments can be imported in.

Click on Upload and continue

9.COPY THE XML code given by the Disqus.

10.Revert back again to Blogger tab.(Edit html tab)

11.Click on Expand widget template
Expand widget template

12.Paste the code(copied from disqus site) in to the edit tempate area.

13.Click Save Template

14.View blog to see a new DISQUS comment system on your blog.

Whats more ???

You can use Disqus to import your previous blogger comments .
You can import comments from .other commenting system like intensee debate
You can add comment moderators to your account.
You can customize your comment system with every color combination.
Use disqus widgets for blogger.

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