Sunday, 29 November 2009

Google Friend Connect Gadgets In Various Forms

Google friend connect gadgets which most of us use in our blogs exists in various forms Even i dont know that until one of my friend told me an give me this friend connect page link.
Most of us has used Google followers gadget but it is one of the different friend connect gadgets.

1.Go to the Friend connect gadget Through this link.
2.In the left hand side of the screen there is list of your blogspot blogs.Expand any of your blog(just click on it).
3.Choose the browse the gadget tab.

4.You can now see a list of gadgets choose your gadget (you can customze the color and size of the gadget )
5.Copy the HTML code and paste it in a Html/Javascript gadget.

Here is a list of some popular gadgets .
1.Add a social bar to your site

2.Ratings and reviews

3.Interest Polls

You can find other gadgets like Members gadget ,comments ,recommendation gadget,featured content ,news letter subscriptions and more>i am sure you will find one cool gadget for your blog too.
Note :You can add Your own gadget by Using Add gadget by url option in the bottom.

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