Sunday, 4 October 2009

Receive Free SMS for Comments Awaiting Moderation

Many bloggers want a means by which they get informed when any comment is kept in moderation &, or When they are busy with their work staying away from their blog.

Just Follow the below steps and your problem will be solved ...

Note:This Can BE Used For Word press And Blog spot Blogs.

1.Getting your ID

For INDIAN Users Register a Free account in

Fill in the details and a message[SMS] will be sent to you  with your PASSWORD.
Once u have Your account created ,u will get a ID (
REMEMBER It for future use.

For other USers:

Read this article to get your personalized ID 
How To Send Email To Any Cell Phone (for Free) 

2.Open your Gmail Account associate with your blog)in which u get comment moderation e-mail)

3.Navigate through Settings-->Filters -->Create a New Filter 

For Wordpress User’s:


For BLOGGER User's


Fill above Information Correctly Without Any Mistakes .

4.Click Next Step button.

5.Tick the "forward it to" check box

and add your id from step 1 and click Create filter
6.Sitback and enjoy because a message will be sent to u each time u comment is kept for moderation

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