Friday, 2 October 2009

Best places to get free blogger templates(on web)

Checkout the whole list they are presented in order which found helpful to me, Hope this collection would have something you like. Here we go!

1.BloggerStyles - This website updates new blogger templates very often and it divides into three groups: Gold Template, Silver Template and Bronze Template.And several more Sub categories – A collection of over 100 templates from an assortment of a lot of smaller designers. You can look them up by layout, color, subject matter and so on.

3.Deluxe templstes was founded by Klodian on April 2009.
His goal is to give all Blogger users a new look, honestly a professional look.

4. eBlog is a collection of web designs submitted by the staff and blogging community that anyone can download for free.
The eBlog Templates website was founded in 2007 by David Cowgil

8.Falconhive - A new quality templates resource for Blogger. It contains lots of beautiful Blogger templates converted from Wordpress themes. – Doesn’t seem to have been updated since it originally launched, but all of the templates still work, and have a lot of resemblance to WordPress (WordPress) themes. – This site only
offers one template with five variations, but it isn’t every day you see a five column theme for any blogging platform, and it is actually pretty clean in presentation.

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