Saturday, 10 October 2009

Changing the background image of your blogger

Customizing Blogger templates according to your wish is the first thing that Any blogger wants when he first gets his free  template.but playing with the css/html coded Xml templates is not a licking job.
What better than that if u could change the background image of your blogger.
Just follow the below steps wisely and u can taste the delicious lollypop.[:P]

Step:1Backup your template by  clicking Download Full Template
Step:2 Tick on Expand Widget Template.
Step:3 Search For Something Like this in the beginning of the template coding(this is mine template example)

body {
margin : 0;
font : 13px tahoma, arial, helvetica, sans-serif;
background : transparent url( repeat scroll 0 0;
With emphasis on body tag
Step:4 Replace with Your Image.
It might be possible that your template doesn't have a background image and u want to add on.
just paste this between body closing and ending tags { and }

background : transparent url( repeat scroll 0 0;

Replace with Your Image url.

Step:5 Click Save Template.

And Your are done!!click view blog to preview your blog.

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