Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Always on top message[Banner always on top Of all content]

This is a TV-like message banner script that creates a "always-on-top" message, centered at the bottom of the surfer's screen. Use it like its used on TV- to advertise your products, or anything else that requires special attention. The script comes with the following features:


1) Display the message perpetually on screen
2) Display the message for a set period of time, then disappear
3) Display the message once per browser session

For demo click (here)
step 1:Download this JavaScript file which i have uploaded   Download
step2:It is in rar format now open The javascript file inside RAR with any text editor(right click on the file and open with html)
 Steps:3 Edit options according to your need.(already provided as comments in javascript)
Step 4:upload only topmsg.js file to any free hosting sites.I use
step5:now all u have to do is call the script.Insert the below script into the head section of the page you want the message to be shown. Insert the code in open space (inside the but outside of any tables or other containment tags):

<script src="">

//Always-on-top message Script- © Dynamic Drive (
//For full source code, and Terms Of use, visit
//This credit MUST stay intact for use


step6.Where  represents the url pointing to where your js file is saved.

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