Monday, 19 July 2010

How To Remove Or Bypass CPALead Surveys

Well I was on a site to download background images for my new blog and suddenly there was an  annoying pop-ups with the survey, did the dumb survey, still nothing happend. Googled around for a way to bypass it, didn't find much. So I decided to find my own way to bypass it. After a few moments I came up with this. This tutorial will show you how to remove CPALead surveys from any webpage.

Steps -
1. Once you are on a website that use CPALead Surveys,wait for some time until it completely loads.
2. Copy the link from below text box and paste it in your url bar and hit enter.

3. The CPALead survey has been removed.
Simple and easy solution.

Tip:You could add the javascript into your bookmarks for faster and easily use. If you find a website which require CPALead survey, just open the bookmard and it's gone.

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