Friday, 25 June 2010

10 free webdesigner's art blogger template

[1]. Infinity blogger template

Infinity is simply gorgeous Blogger-Blogspot template. It was also released by Smashing Magazine  as a free Wordpress theme The theme is a creation of Vikiwords Studio from blogger template.Converted from PSD to blogger template
[2]Water Color blogspot templates

Water Color is colorful and vibrant Blogger-Blogspot template with bright and grungy background. It was converted to Blogger-Blogspot by Alvaris Falcon and deigned by TemplateLite.
[3] Kids Style blogger templates

Kids Style is a very cute Blogger-Blogspot template. It was originally designed by EZwpthemes and converted to Blogger-Blogspot by Klodian.
[4]Art blogger Template 
Art Template is a very beautiful Blogger-Blogspot template created by EZwpthemes(psd) and converted to Blogger-Blogspot by Gosu. The template features a stylish background and widgets.

[5] Night Sky blogger templates
 Night Sky is an original Blogger-Blogspot template. It is created by an Indian web design agency Ray Creations. They have also released Night Sky 2.0, make sure to check that out too.

 [6] Creative Art

Creative Art is also converted to Blogger-Blogspot by Gosu. It has amazing combination of grunge and notepaper design which makes it an eye candy. It was designed by FTL and released by Smashing Magazine as a free Wordpress theme.
[7] Craftwork blogger template

Craftwork was originally released as a free Wordpress theme by EZwpthemes.  It is the most viewed, downloaded and commented template on Beta Templates(vector blogger template)

[8] Notepad Chaos blogger template
Notepad Chaos was originally designed by Evan Eckard and released by Smashing Magazine as a free Wordpress theme. A Turkish blogger, Gosu, converted it to Blogger-Blogspot. Notepad Chaos theme has a vibrant & colorful background which makes it a master piece.
[9]vector Art blogger template

    2 Columns, Adapted from Wordpress, Brown, Fixed width, Grunge, Right sidebar,
vector blogger template
[10]Cute Outfit blogger template

This is nice template with top navigation menu, Search box, Feed icon, vector header image..

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