Friday, 11 June 2010

10 Adorable blogger templates for pet blog

Pet Blog blogger template
General Info

    * 3 Columns
    * Fixed Width
    * Gold Templates
    * Right Sidebar
    * Support Available
Demo     Download

Petshop Template
Category: Animals/Birds
Properties : 2 Columns, Fixed Width, Large Header, Right Sidebar, Teal
Demo     Download

Yellow puppies blogger template
General Info

3 columns,animals,Blogger Templates,Brown,dog,dogs,Fixed width,grass,lab,labrador,puppies,puppy,site templates,tabs,yellow
Demo     Download

With Pets Blogger Template
General Info

With Pet is a nice template created by Ezwpthemes and ported to blogger by Bloggerthemes. Its meant for all the pet lovers who want to share stories and experiences of their pet with others.
Demo     Download

Another Pets Blogger Template
General Info

Pets Blogger Template is a simple 2 column Blogger Template for pet lovers. I have hosted the images to photobucket. In case you want to store images to a different location you can find all the images in the zip archive.Demo     Download

Pet Paws – Blogger Template
General Info

Category: Computer/Technology, Simple

Properties : 2 Columns, Black, Fixed Width, Green, Right Sidebar, Whitearchive.
Demo     Download

chococat & friends
General Info

Tags:chococat simple ,cartoon ,cute ,light ,cat ,animal ,clean ,hulala meow
Demo     Download

Birds blogger template

Tags:cow animal moo
Demo     Download

Bunt Ozean blogger template
General Info

* Nature Blogger Templates
* Blue color, White background.
* This template for Nature, Animals, Personal blogs
* Fixed width, 2 sidebar. * 3 column, Right sidebar Demo     Download

Moo template
* 2 column, Right sidebar
* Fixed width, 1 sidebar.
 * Animals Blogger Templates
* Gray color, Green background.
* This template for Animals, Nature, Personal blogs Demo     Download

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