Saturday, 29 May 2010

How to embed a google wave in blogger?Image based tutorial

I do not know if many people use it but we'll see how to insert a wave on a blog as a widget so that any visitor can use it. Tell them that this wave will only be visible and may be used by visitors using Firefox or Chrome.

How to embed  Google wave in blogger as widget?Image based tutorial

Step[1]Create a wave in your wave client by clicking on new wave button.
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Step[2]You will be asked to add any email address to a wave

Step[3]Add to the left most window and click Done

Step[4]Copy the url of the wave (the address which appears in the address bar of your browser) and go to Google wave element page

Step[5]Paste the copied URL, select the values you want to use as wide and high, if we want to have header and footer, etc.

On that same page it provide the code to copy and add in an HTML element on our blog.

If you does not know how to use Google wave or Need Google Wave Invitation comment below !!

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