Friday, 7 May 2010

Football WorldCup 2010 south africa countdown timer widget

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Football worldcup 2010 16 football style blogger template 
Football world cup is back and this time it is in South Africa.We have to see if last time champion Italy can defend its title.  If you are a football fan and a passionate blogger(a lethal combination) then this widget is for you.This is a WorldCup 2010 countdown timer widget which you can add it to your sidebar or to your post like i have shown with example below.

Update-Another football WorldCup 2010 Countdown gadget

Live Widget Demo:

HTML Code For Widget :


HTML code:


HTML code:


HTML code:


HTML code:


HTML code:

Copy Above code and paste it into your sidebar in HTML/javascript widget.OR you can simply add it to your post by copy and pasting in your Edit HTML tab .

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