Saturday, 24 April 2010

Reverse the order of your posts-blogger hack

Is there a way to make my posts show up in reverse order??
Newest to oldest posts.. can we change that order?
Put posts into chronological order??
How To Reverse The Order In Which Posts Are Listed On Your Blog??

IF you are a blogspot user and looking for solution to this problem then you are at the right place.
I have been a regular Visitor on Blogger help forums i found so many people asking this question ,even i want some handy solution for  my Guitar blog.
Until now in order to reverse the order you needed to play around with the dates (change the date of every post )which is not possible if the number of posts are large.
So here is a handy Blogger hack that can automatically reverse your post in chronological order.
This hack was first posted by David Merriman on The Merriman Family Blog.

Reverse the Order of your posts-blogger hack

Go to your blog's Layout tab and click Edit HTML
and find where it says </body>

Copy the following code and paste it Directly Above </body>

Save Template 

 See a Demo Test blog And tell me if it works for you because i have not tried it yet.

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