Friday, 30 April 2010

Contact Me widget -Add it to your sidebar

Widgetbox provides us with a free widget contact Emailer version 4 through which your visitors can send email without publishing your email.
This contact widget can be placed in the sidebar (column of the blog), or in the post if you like
The widget is under , but before you copy the code you can modify the text and colors of the widget.

[1] To embed Contact EMailer form into your web page, blog etc. follow these steps Click here and go to
[2] Provide Widget Settings

  •      Your Email address
  •      Web page in which Contact EMailer form Widget is to be displayed
  •      Title,Subtitle,Field captions etc
  •      Foreground and Background Colors
  •      Right to left support, if needed
  •      Image CAPTCHA suppport
  •      width and hieght of form
[3] The widget appearance will change when you are making changes to the settings4 Click on Get Widget button
[5] If you want to embed the widget in a web page, choose the embed Code option and copy the code

     You can also click on the buttons for Facebook,Blogger,Twitter,iGoogle,WordPress,my Yearbook,TypePad,Blogger Post,Netvibes,Webs,Pageflakes,Piczo,Ning,Confluence according to your requirements
[6] Paste the HTML into your webpage
[7] Test your web page with the Contact EMailer form
[8] If you are a Pro account holder in, your widget will not display the about link

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