Saturday, 16 April 2011

2011 74th Sanibel Shell Show - Part II Artistic Exhibits - Other Artistic Classes

Here's a sampling of the wonderful diversity of shell art exhibits featured at the 2011 Sanibel Shell Show...

Shell flower arrangement by Victoria Ross

Heart shaped shell box by Susan Lloyd

Shell flower jewerly by Brandy Llewellyn

Shell ladies and vintage shell jewelry arrangement in curio by Leanna Sherrrill

Shell egg by Susan Lloyd

Heart shaped sailor's valentine by Susanne Marie Dietsch

Shell necklaces by Deborah Baker

Shell picture by Karine Mirzakhanyan

Shell picture by Susan Lloyd

Shell picture by Norma King

Shell picture by Alla Baksanskaya

Shell pocket watches by Bill Jordan

Shell flower arrangement by Sharon Thomas

Shell shadow box by Norma King

Shell arrangement under glass by Brandy Llewellyn

Shell figure by Alla Baksanskaya

Shell Bird House by Constance Miller Marshall

Shell Star of David by Susan Ross

Shell butterfly bouquet by Lucy Anne Read

Calico Scallop animal architecture picture By Charles Barr

Table shell collection by Jan Ogfen

Mermaid mirror by Nancy Goes

Shell lamp by Eileen Underwood

Shell lamp by Heather Strawbridge

Shell lamp by Lorraine Lalaounis

Shell head piece by Victoria Ross

Shell picture by Walter Sheerin of Ocean Expressions

Shell flower by Louise Elynck

Shell wreath by Heather Strawbridge

Shell mirror by Leslie Anding

Shell Dish by Mary DiRico

Shell Christmas trees by Karl Wacaser and Peter Murfitt

Shell photo frame by Lisa Givens

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