Friday, 4 March 2011

Sights From The 2011 74th Sanibel Shell Show

Sailor's Valentine (above) by Suzanne Marie Diestsch

The Sanibel Shell Show never disappoints and this year's 74th annual show was no exception! Here's a glimpse of opening day at the 74th Sanibel Shell Show. More extensive posts to come!

Pocket Watches (above) by Bill Jordan

Shell Dolls (above) by Leanna Sherrill

Shell Church (above) by Ann Springer

Shell Picture and Shell Skull (above two photos) by Susan Lloyd

Shell tents

Shell art made by volunteers

Shell art demos

Legendary shell artist Bill Jordan was on hand to show how 18th century sailor's valentines were constructed.

Bill Jordan (above photos) exhibit

Children's educational exhibit

Pete and Skip's popcorn stand

Is this hat great or what?

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