Tuesday, 23 November 2010

SHELL-O-LICIOUS DESTINATIONS: Snail Parliament in Keszthely, Hungary

Located near the western shore of Lake Balaton, (a 3-hour express train from Budapest) take a trip the Hungarian city of Keszthely to see a shell marvel.

Artist, Ilona Miskei (born 1920) created a shell-encrusted scale model of the Hungarian Houses of Parliament in Budapest. Ms. Miskei adorned the structure with 4,5 million fossilized Pannon-sea snail shells she collected from Hungarian mines. The project was started in 1975 and took 14 year to complete.

In 1999, Ms. Miskei donated the "Snail Parliament" to the Ethnographical Museum of Keszthely. This amazing work can be viewed at The Doll Museum located at Kossuth Str. 11. in Keszthely.

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