Wednesday, 20 October 2010

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: The Shell Art of Peggy Green

This post kicks off a series of posts at the Fine Shell Art Blog, acquainting shell art fans with the work of some truly amazing shell artists.

Shell Artist, Peggy Green is one of the very few Shell Artists today who create Victorian inspired shell art pieces. Using hand cut shapes and her own unique designs, she incorporates the same breeds of seashells used by Victorian-era Shell Artists into her beautiful and highly collectible shell art pieces.

Peggy Green and her amazing shell art were featured in the Fall 2010 of issue of
Antique Shops & Designers (on sale at Barnes & Noble and Borders Books now). Photo's of Peggy Green's shell work in this post are from that article.

For more information about Peggy Green and to purchase her shell art, please visit Peggy's site -

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