Saturday, 6 March 2010


The shell tent at The Sanibel Community House was open a few days early, herald the coming of the 73rd Sanibel Shell Show, a 3 day event, beginning on Thursday, March 4, 2010.

Shell tent volunteers were busy selling an amazing array of local Sanibel - Captiva shells, collected through out the year by Community House volunteers.

I love these - a whole box of Lace Murexes!

ABOVE PHOTO: "Lovers Grotto" Shell Frame by L.A. Givens

The 2010 Sanibel Shell Show was wonderful, with a stunning line up of one-of-a-kind shell art to suit every taste. I was fortunate to have met a few of the shows veteran shell artists this year- Sandy Moran, who has had a long association with the Sanibel Shell Show and known for her beautiful and delicate Sailors Valentines, William Jordan, who is known for his intricate shell work with antique pocket watches, authentic period Sailors Valentines and some of the most amazing miniature shell work I've ever seen and Mary Robertson, who has to be one of the most versatile shell artists, with an unbelievable range in shell work and style. I don't have a web site for Ms. Robertson. If you would like to purchase her work, please contact the Sanibel Community House, I am sure they can provide with contact info.

Below are just a few of the beautiful shell art pieces featured at the shell show this year -

ABOVE PHOTO: Sailor's Valentine by Jane Santini

ABOVE PHOTO: Shell Museum By Rusti Stover

ABOVE PHOTO: Shell Lamp by Mary Robertson

ABOVE PHOTO: Sailor's Valentine by Pat Cohen

ABOVE PHOTO: Sponge Basket by Joann Goodwin

ABOVE PHOTO: Sailor's Valentine by William Jordan

ABOVE PHOTO: Shell Necklace by Nancy Goes

ABOVE PHOTO: Shell Mirror by Susan Lloyd (Mirror with the Blue Ribbon)

ABOVE PHOTO: "Poseidon's Kaleidoscope" Shell Box by L.A. Givens

I will be uploading more great photos from the 2010 Sanibel Shell Show to my Flickr account shortly and will list the slide show on this blog for your viewing pleasure - stay tuned!

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