Tuesday, 29 September 2009

U Comment I Follow(Increase Your Backlinks )

Those of you newbie bloggers that don’t know what U Comment I Follow means, it basically means if you leave a comment on my blog I will leave a comment on your blog, assuming of course that your blog is of some kind of interest to me. There are all kinds of U Comment I Follow Blogs out there, but I have yet to find a nice clean list of U Comment I Follow Blogs and hope that this will serve as that list.
If you are a blogger and you run a U Comment I Follow Blog please leave a comment with a link to your blog, and keep in mind leaving a comment here gets you two DoFollow backlinks from my blog. Now on the flip side don’t leave your site in the comments here if you have no intention of commenting back when other bloggers comment on your blog.

I am pretty excited to see what new blogs I might be introduced to from all of you leaving comments with your blog url.
Get Some Icons For Your Blog From Here -

U comment in red colorU comment in light yellow colorU comment in purple color
U comment in simple blue colorU comment in pink colorU comment in simple drk green colorU comment in orange colorU comment in yellow
U comment in simple black/white
U comment in simple black/white2
U comment in blue color
U comment in yellow color
U comment in red text/yellow colorU comment in simple grey colorU comment in black/white color
U comment in red text color
U comment in brown color
U comment in simple green colorU comment in black/grey colorU comment in green color

Do follow BlackDo follow OrangeDo follow Dark RedDo follow Dark BlueDo follow GrayDo follow GreenDo follow PinkDo follow Red

U can Find More Badges From -




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Your questions and suggestions are the only favour I get in return :)

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