Saturday, 29 August 2009

Falkner Theme Installation Instruction

How  To Use This Theme?? Follow the Instruction
Theme Installation
  • Upload the theme from the theme folder into your wp-content/themes folder. Activate it.
  • Upload the two plugins (flickrRSS and Twitter for wordpress) fromthe plugins folder into your wp-content/plugins folder. Activate bothplugins.
Configuring the Theme Optionsd
  • Featured Category Name : Insert category name you want to be appearin featured post slideshow. All post from this category will be appearin the slideshow.
  • Feedburner ID : Enter your feedburner ID here , so you can use the feedburner email subscription features.
  • Twitter ID : Enter your twitter ID here. Your latest twitter post will be appear in the theme
  • Youtube Embed Code : Copy youtube video code that you want to appear in the sidebar. Change the video size in the code to “230″ width and “190″ height, sothe video will fit properly into the theme.  NOTE: Due to striplashesphp code,  You will notice that the youtube code in the theme optionspage will change everytime you change and save the theme options, somake sure you re-enter  again the youtube embed code everytime youchange the options.
  • Banner Management : This is where you can change and configure your ads blocks.
Configuring The Post Thumbnail.
From the previous theme experience , this is where most people facing problem. So, once again. Follow this instruction.
  1. Post Thumbnail

    • In order to make picture appearon slideshow, you have to add custom fields in each post on the category  you set as featured category in the theme options page.
    • Make new custom field named “featured” (without the quotes), andenter the image URL as the value. Remember: The image must be hosted onyour domain. Otherways, it won’t work.

    • As for the post thumbnail in other post. Use the custom fieldsnamed “thumbnail” and enter the image URL as the value. Again, Theimage must be hosted on your domain. Otherways, it won’t work.
2. The theme use the TimThumb PHP script to automatically create andresize the thumbnail images, and in order for it to work properly youneed to take note of the following things first:
  • There’s  a cache folder  for the thumbnail images located in the themefolder which requires proper write permissions. If your host serverdoesn’t allow this by default, be sure to manually change the /cache/ folder permissions to 777 or 755.
  • Use absolute paths for your images in the custom fields. For example
  • If your Hosted your site in Hostgator and your image didn’t appearafter following all the instruction. Try to contact hostgator, tellthem the problem and ask them to get ur site whitelisted on themod_security stuff. There’s a security function in hostgator thatprevents the timthumb from working.
CLICK HERE-to go to downloaded page.

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